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Retail as we know it is coming to an end. And not a moment too soon. Seismic changes are sweeping the industry with consumers taking greater control and retailers scrambling to keep up. The pressure to perform amid limited budgets and greater consumer demands is stripping the industry’'s gears. Thankfully, there'’s a new opportunity for brands and retailers. A new way to build a better in-store sales cycle. This is the new world of Smart Retail.

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ThirdChannel Named 2017 "Cool Vendor" in Unified Retail Commerce by Leading Analyst Firm Gartner, Inc.

"In today’s fast speed shopping environments, brands and retailers must not only have access to real time data but also be able to use it to make decisions in real time."
- Gartner

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Smart Retail gives you a platform with rich sales data analytics that's powered by a dedicated field force on the ground. While managing your brand across thousands of stores normally is an impossible, ineffective task, Smart Retail creates opportunities so you can make important, informed decisions that affect sales right now. It allows you to break the existing sales cycle and create a smarter one.

Say goodbye to retail as you knew it, and say hello to visibility, actionability, and profitability.

Say hello to Smart Retail with ThirdChannel.

Smart Retail: A Remedy for Five Pain Points

The Technology

Build your sales with better tools

The ThirdChannel platform collects and analyzes real-time ground data and merges it with point-of-sale data to deliver a unique retail offering:

  • Put your store network on ThirdChannel and instantly know what's happening with your products across your entire store distribution network.
  • See what's happening in stores in real time, whether that's 250 stores or 25,000.
  • Impact how your products are being sold, while there's still time to drive incremental sales.
  • Identify exactly which combination of attributes in the store environment contributes to higher sales.
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ThirdChannel Customer Brands

The Brand Right Workforce

Passion and intelligence creates a more powerful voice. A dedicated team of brand ambassadors on the ground wherever your product is sold provides distinct advantages.


  • Direct communication on-site
  • Optimized sales presence in store
  • Instant store reporting on inventory, display and more

Learn how both building a dedicated field force or enabling your existing team with our platform can increase sales, improve your ROI and more