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snowy street

3 Ways Weather Forecasts Can Improve Retail Sales Forecasts

Retailers can devise strategies around weather events that actually encourage in-store sales.
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Training Associates

Revitalizing ROI: Data Shows Well-Trained Associates Increase Retail Margins

Training retail associates about product specifications and differentiators can be a boon for your brand's bottom line.
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Why Mobile is a Customer Relationship Builder

Mobile is an integral part of the purchasing process for many consumers, both online and in-store. Here, ways brands can leverage mobile to enhance the customer's brick-and-mortar shopping experience and increase sales.
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Day 3 Takeaways from NRF: Stacey Griffith on Creating a “Bonfire Effect” In Stores

The NRF closed with a bang on Day 3, addressing how digital natives and augmented reality factor into retail's future, and addressing the ever-present question: how do we draw consumers to brick-and-mortar stores?
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Day 2 Takeaways from NRF: Sir Richard Branson Embraces the Disruption of Retail

The NRF's Big Show is underway in NYC, where retail leaders are addressing everything from the in-store experience to retail technology. Here are three top takeaways from the conference so far.
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The Money-Making Power of In-Store Displays

Product displays prove to be a hidden money maker in physical retail stores. See how different display types compare by the numbers.
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Clicks to Bricks: How Online Retailers are Winning In Stores

As long-standing retailers are closing many of their brick-and-mortars and shifting their focus to online shopping, a string of online-first retailers have begun opening physical stores and inadvertently teaching industry veterans how to turn brick-and-mortars into a viable business strategy.
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Retail Roundtable: What’s In Store for In-Store in 2017

It's planning season for retailers, and the question on everyone's mind is: what will 2017 bring? We asked three industry experts, Chris Petersen, Stacey Widlitz and Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle to share their advice and insights for brands to leverage in the new year.
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