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While the landscape and economics of selling in-store have dramatically changed, it’s relevance and importance are as strong as ever.

Of the $4.5T in retail sales each year, more than 90% occurs at brick & mortar outlets. There’s a reason for this. Most consumers prefer to shop in stores because they like to touch and feel products before they make a purchase decision. They don’t like waiting for items to be shipped, and they want to talk with a store associate who can advise them about which product is best for them. 

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Day 3 Takeaways from NRF: Stacey Griffith on Creating a “Bonfire Effect” In Stores

The NRF closed with a bang on Day 3, addressing how digital natives and augmented reality factor into retail's future, and addressing the ever-present question: how do we draw consumers to brick-and-mortar stores?
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Day 2 Takeaways from NRF: Sir Richard Branson Embraces the Disruption of Retail

The NRF's Big Show is underway in NYC, where retail leaders are addressing everything from the in-store experience to retail technology. Here are three top takeaways from the conference so far.
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The Money-Making Power of In-Store Displays

Product displays prove to be a hidden money maker in physical retail stores. See how different display types compare by the numbers.
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Clicks to Bricks: How Online Retailers are Winning In Stores

As long-standing retailers are closing many of their brick-and-mortars and shifting their focus to online shopping, a string of online-first retailers have begun opening physical stores and inadvertently teaching industry veterans how to turn brick-and-mortars into a viable business strategy.
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Retail Roundtable: What’s In Store for In-Store in 2017

It's planning season for retailers, and the question on everyone's mind is: what will 2017 bring? We asked three industry experts, Chris Petersen, Stacey Widlitz and Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle to share their advice and insights for brands to leverage in the new year.
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Data, Data, Data: Applying the Lessons of Ecommerce Success In-Store

While ecommerce makes up just a fraction of retail sales, online is winning the day when it comes to understanding the consumer through data and analytics. So how can retailers replicate these insights in-store? Here, three ways to take digital tactics to the store floor and improve the customer experience.
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Retailers: Check Your Beacon’s Blind Spots

Brands are using beacons to push consumers deals and coupons, educate them about products and track in-store traffic patterns. But are beacons really as effective as they seem? While they have a lot of potential, brands should make sure they're supporting, not spamming, their customers.
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Adopting New Technologies In-Store: Embrace Change, But Proceed with Caution

Technology has a place in brick-and-mortar stores, whether it's consumers using mobile phones, tablets for associates or quick-pay options for checkout. But some brands are taking their in-store tech to the next level. While they may not be ready for widespread adoption just yet, here's at how Target, Amazon and others are reimagining retail.
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