ThirdChannel Selects New Vice President of Sales


ThirdChannel, the retail intelligence platform that reveals retail execution issues in stores and generates action plans to allocate resources where there’s opportunity to drive higher sales, today announced the appointment of Tom Morris as Vice President of Sales. In the wake of strong momentum and upcoming enhancements to ThirdChannel’s retail intelligence platform, Tom will be responsible for growing revenue and the platform’s reach within existing and new markets.

Interview with Gina Ashe, CEO & Founder at ThirdChannel.


USA Weekly

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Grocers need a modern approach to in-store demos


by Pamela DeLoatch

Food Drive

Dive Insight:

What’s the best way to get customers to try — and perhaps buy — and product? Give them a sample. That’s the idea behind in-store demos, whether it’s displaying a selection of sliced strawberries in the produce section, offering rolled turkey slices by the deli or passing out one-ounce samples of wine in the liquor aisle.

But do in-store giveaways actually work, Ashe asks?




PGBy Gina Ashe


Do product demos drive sales at your stores? Do they support your goal to offer a great, differentiated customer experience? Would you even be able to tell if you wanted to know?

Demos have been a grocery mainstay forever, and their value seems obvious: Brands like them because they encourage product trials, and retailers value them because they drive sales and offer engaging experiences for shoppers.

ThirdChannel Launches New Mobile Application Features to Give Brands and Retailers Smarter, Faster Insights About Store Environments


ThirdChannel, the retail intelligence platform that pairs real-time visibility into retail store environments with an experiential network-for-hire today revealed new features on its mobile application to make data captured about products and store selling environments even more actionable for brand manufacturers and retailers. The latest version of the app features the ability for personnel in stores to record data without internet access and includes a geotagging feature that maps data to individual store locations.