The State of Retail

From a seamless shopping experience to the best prices to accommodating their rapidly changing tastes, the in-store demand has greatly evolved. Yet retailers can't seem to catch up. There lays an opportunity for brands to step up and offer more to their retail partners.

Budgets are limited. Retailers are unable to expend resources to showcase every brand. Legacy data (inventory and POS) systems are just plain slow, often unreliable. Compound that with high sales associate turnover and your brand may be getting squeezed by the new retail realities.

Lack of visibility

From its initial concept through it’s production, you have complete control of your product. Until it hits the retail floor. At its most crucial moment you lose visibility of your product and its sales. Depending instead on a POS report that’s often too little, too late to make a difference. 


The challenges of retail

While in-store sales are still going strong, limited budgets, high employee turnover and misaligned goals between brand and retailer present unique sets of challenges for brands trying to find an edge in their retail sales.