The physical store has a precious asset that is often times underutilized…its people. With an increasing demand on making the in-store experience better for shoppers, training programs to enhance associate education is a must-have for retail execution roadmaps. In fact, an overwhelming majority - 78% of consumers rank sales associate product knowledge as their top desire.   

Shoppers crave a personal connection that store associates provide. They are the front line and face of retail, making or breaking the sale with potential customers. However, with a high volume of retail staff turnover – ongoing, comprehensive training and development programs for sales associates are necessary. With ThirdChannel’s evidence-based sales techniques, brands and categories are consistently represented on the store floor via constant associate education, resulting in significantly increased sales.

Stores with at least half their associates trained made an average of $12,700 more in annual revenue than those under 25%

ThirdChannel technology fuses brand-passionate people with a digital environment that excels at visualizing, tracking, monitoring and analyzing the in-store, physical environment. Beyond superior technology, ThirdChannel’s network of agents are at the heart of next-generation retail execution.

ThirdChannel’s unique network of brand-immersed agents are specifically trained to navigate in-store environments, reporting granular-level details but also spreading the love of the brand among associates and customers.


Based on ThirdChannel Research

Retail associates with even a basic level of product knowledge can make a difference in increasing sales revenue. ThirdChannel data revealed that stores sell more products when they have a higher percentage of well-informed associates. And, the larger the store and inventory, the more pronounced the correlation would be.

ThirdChannel’s Network-for-Hire

ThirdChannel’s network-for-hire agents already live the brand. As they visit stores and speak with team members, they focus on sharing their deep product expertise. Associates are then well-equipped to speak with and sell to consumers on a daily basis.

ThirdChannel’s network-for-hire agents also focus on building relationships with store managers, leads and associates. Guided by ThirdChannel technology, agents collect critical data upon entering stores for their scheduled visits. Agents then report their findings in the ThirdChannel app, using their mobile device during or after their visit. ThirdChannel’s platform and program managers leverage the data collected to create actionable next steps – what concerns, comments or questions need to be raised? Business intelligence team members and managers also have access to the app and can leverage the data in real-time to optimize situations that enhance brand sales performance. 

Increase Your Weekly Sales by up-to 39%

ThirdChannel research shows that when more than two associates are trained, average weekly sales increase by 39%. Talk to one of our experts today to learn how you can achieve similar results.


Merchandising & Inventory
Demoing & Assisted Selling
Asset Tracking
Competitive Intel
Associate Education

Legacy systems and stagnant data will hinder your brand from excelling in fast-paced shopping environments. Realize your vision to deliver a consistent brand presence across scores of retailers and thousands of locations. Ensure all products are optimally merchandised on the shelf and ensure all product backstock is moved quickly to the sales floor. ThirdChannel technology captures data about every aspect of your products’ representation and exposes opportunities for improvement.  

ThirdChannel research shows that you have approximately 30 seconds in store to capture consumers’ attention and engage them. In order to drive trials and conversions instantly, ThirdChannel’s robust data pinpoints sales drivers, further tailoring the demo in terms of event placement, timing and more.  ThirdChannel matches exclusively dedicated Demo Reps who personify your brand and bring your products to life for consumers.



Keeping track of store fixtures and marketing displays often degenerate into poorly versioned spreadsheets and information overload. ThirdChannel’s Asset Tracking platform streamlines this, allowing you to directly and accurately monitor and maintain the presence, status, and appearance of on-location fixtures, POP and other assets across thousands of locations.

Insight into what your competition is doing in stores drives your ability to gain market advantage. Survey and audit store environments to assess competitive dynamics at play in stores. ThirdChannel compounds this by integrating external data sources to calculate current market share and determining market potential against your competition.

You rely on, and assume that, retail associates are knowledgeable about your products. With turnover rates so high on store floors and the need for constant, high-quality consumer engagement, associate training should never cease. ThirdChannel technology enables brand penetration by educating store associates on the most granular levels of your product line, strengthening brand awareness so they can sell more effectively to consumers.