About ThirdChannel
ThirdChannel is a retail intelligence network that enables the world’s largest manufacturing brands to find actionable opportunities to improve their sales performance at retail locations. 3C leverages the latest technology and a force of thousands of people to help brands virtually be everywhere, in every store in every city across the continent - and soon the globe! Through the field force, ThirdChannel efficiently captures millions of data points each day about every aspect of the store environment and a consumer’s experience in stores. ThirdChannel technology assembles and presents all the data captured in gorgeous, interactive visualizations to reveal actionable insights and drive targeted recommendations. The brand’s field force may take direct action on these recommendations, or our clients may drive response strategies right from their desk. As a disruptive solution for a technology-starved market, ThirdChannel will sustain a commanding lead in user experience during this phase of rapid growth in scale.


About ThirdChannel Engineering
We are a rapidly growing group developing a distributed platform using modern open source languages, frameworks, and technologies. We firmly believe in Continuous Delivery and iterative development cycles. We are big believers in Microservices and the agility they can bring to a team. We like experimenting with new tools and are not afraid to remove a technology or service if it’s not working out.

Full Stack Engineer

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