Data Collection Meets Brand Passion

Dedicated advocates on the front line who live your brand and serve as your ambassadors to consumers and store associates.

Your social collaborators that generate powerful best practice sharing and training for their peers in the field, wherever they may be.

Your on-the-floor representatives that enable you to manage an exclusive workforce in the field and provide real-time directives to the teams.

Your agents of action that can implement changes in real-time and provide unique, unprecedented insights with the click of a button.

Your data communicators that capture both what’s happening and what's not in the store.

"The platform for field reps to report back in real time is very valuable to us."- North American President, GANT

"ThirdChannel Agents are more like brand ambassadors that are within the demographic; not just a  merchandiser."- Sr. Manager, Trade Marketing, ASICS

"We needed to be sure our brand was represented the way we wanted and that there was continuity of presence at retail."- Sr. Manager, Trade Marketing, ASICS

"We needed help with our launches and we couldn't be in all places at once."- Sr. Manager, Trade Marketing, ASICS

"We weren’t telling a compelling story in the doors of our partners.  Now we are.” - North American President, GANT

"Our brand is very important to us...maintaining the right look, how we talk about it is important.  We are picky."- Director of Sales, Honest Company

"ThirdChannel Agents are more like brand ambassadors that are within the demographic; not just a merchandiser. You don’t get the full 360 approach without the right people in the stores."- North American President, GANT

"A store manager asked if we had recently changed demonstration providers and I explained that we did. He only had wonderful things to say about his new ThirdChannel Agent and that the knowledge, attitude, and confidence is a world of change from the previous person." ​​​​​​- Field Training Manager at OXO 

Meet some of our agents


About Xavier

Xavier is a true coffee, music, and technology enthusiast. He also lives a very eco-friendly lifestyle and cares a lot about the integrity of every product he uses. 

His Role

In-Store Demonstrations, Consumer Selling, Visual Merchandising

Xavier Says

"People are way more approachable if you take the time to form an instant connection rather than just making a sale. I think that engaging customers and collecting data, then reporting that back with the sole purpose of improving that brand is revolutionary...I wasn’t aware before I began this journey just how much communication and marketing were a passion of mine. As a ThirdChannel Agent, I get to exercise both of these skills regularly and for that I am very thankful."



About Aiden

Born in San Francisco, CA, but raised in Sun Valley, Idaho, Aiden has lived an outdoors lifestyle for the majority of his life. He is very well spoken, has an easy going temperament, but never forgets to keep it fun.

His Role

Technical Education, Visual Merchandising

Aiden Says

"I am part of a much bigger team at ThirdChannel and Oakley.  The individual responsibilities I hold as an agent are fueled by the desire to do well for my team, and to positively represent this awesome brand! I have used Oakley products most of my life, I basically live this brand, and that has enabled me to be a powerful representative to store teams and consumers.  My experience with ThirdChannel has re-shaped my professional aspirations." 



About Amelie

Amelie is a detail-oriented young professional with a Bachelor's degree in Communications. She is a longtime customer of Luxottica eyewear brands and holds personal interests in art, high-fashion, and design.

Her Role

Visual Merchandising, Retail Associate Education, Consumer Sales

Amelie Says

"Creating a visually clean and organized display doesn't only create interest, it also results in sales. This job has helped to re-shape the way I visually see things. When I first step into any location, I visually critique its appearance. I believe it is true first impressions are everything it immediately tells a story without saying a word. I also enjoy visiting with the associates that I've developed a relationship with for over 18 months."