A Smarter Approach to Retail


Cloud-based intelligence software powered by real-time data collection, ThirdChannel provides an unprecedented view into what's happening with your products across thousands of retail locations.

ThirdChannel creates a continuous improvement engine in stores


Systematically Capture Data On-The-Ground in Stores

This powerful, cloud-based technology captures 'on the ground' data from field teams onto a single, clear dashboard. So you know exactly what's happening in every store. If there's a light bulb in your display that needs replacing, you'll know it.


Reveal Sales Opportunities

What drives sales?  What matters most to consumers?  Hundreds of variables about the store environment and your products contribute. ThirdChannel merges 'on the ground' data with POS data and serves up insights about what needs to be optimized in stores.


Take Action

Field teams - whether that's your existing team or ThirdChannel's dedicated force - can get focused on what actually matters in stores to engage consumers and drive higher sales.  Everyone is working hard, now they can work smarter.


Drive Sales Lift

Quantify the effectiveness of your in-store efforts.  Integrated POS data enables you to see the impact of your marketing and merchandising strategies and measure the impact of each on sales.

Visual Merchandising Status
Competitive Landscape Analysis
Associate Presence on Retail Floors Metrics
Associate Knowledge Levels Assessment
Consumer Brand Awareness
Outdated POP, Reset Needed
Inventory Levels Low
Branded Display Requested
Specific Product SKUs In High Demand
Product Positioned in Wrong Location
Optimize Product Positioning
Engage Consumers With Top Marketing Messages
Install High Performing Product Displays
Move Product to Better Performing Locations
Educate Associates Where Knowledge is Lacking
Lift in Sales Calculations
Return on Investment Analysis
Improved Customer Engagement
Optimized Product Merchandising
Strong Brand Presence

The Field Force

Dedication meets data

It starts with passion for brand. The ThirdChannel Field Force are data communicators who can serve as an on-brand in-store presence helping to collect information and on-site observations that lead to strategic insights and micro actions that lead to a measurable impact.


Empower Your Team

Simplified to be powerful

Unlock your field team’s potential to drive insights, collect learnings and provide unprecedented strategic data through a sophisticated technological offering with a smart, user-friendly interface.


The Technology

Data driven from insights and observations

Data based on product performance. Customizable information based on your needs. New opportunities for your retail sales. Real time view of your products in thousands of store locations.