Anya from Operations

Pain Point: Lack of operational consistency across retailers

"We have field representatives on staff, but it was hardly enough to cover every store. We were able to supplement our own field force with ThirdChannel ambassadors and cover a lot more area, and know that we had consistently trained, brand-right people representing our brand in store."

Bob from Marketing

Pain Point: Consistent brand representation across customer interactions and touchpoints

“We need be sure our brand is represented the way we wanted and that there was continuity of presence at retail. In one case our ThirdChannel brand ambassador found that a retailer had imagery up from two campaigns ago. Having relevant and up-to-date materials in-store and telling the right story in the right places is crucial to our success. Having passionate, brand-right ambassadors in store and being able to communicate with them in real time is unbelievably valuable.”

Michael from Sales

Pain Point: Lack of visibility into what’s happening in stores after product ships

"Once you ship it to the retailer you have no idea what’s going on with your products in store unless you do a million retail checks, but no one has time for that. We lacked visibility into how our brand stacked up against our competition. ThirdChannel is able to give us competitive info at every door in real-time. They are able to be in a million places at once with their resources."