Tap Into ThirdChannel’s Network-for-Hire

Want to flex-up your field force with additional representatives? Or, perhaps you need to build an entire force?

Tap into ThirdChannel’s ever-expanding network of 130,000+ arduously screened agents, where every individual is deliberately matched with a brand that they’ve identified with even before being assigned. These brand-immersed agents compete to represent a brand exclusively by showcasing their expertise, brand fit and passion. Because of this personal connection with your brand, they are ideal ambassadors on-the-ground, activating and enhancing the in-store experience for consumers.  

Grow your teams, even for a short period, with dedicated operatives who act as:

Check    Ambassadors 
Check    Sales Trainers 
Check    Visual Merchandisers 
Check    Field Intel  
Check    Marketers 



All of which are uniquely equipped to bring brands and products to life for consumers.

Check  Contracted

Check  Trained

Check  Scheduled

Check  Paid

Check  Communicated with directly

Check  And you have access to full customer support services


ThirdChannel’s system matches individuals to a brand based on a range of criteria. You may select or have ThirdChannel select agents who best meet your criteria. If you are still unsatisfied with your options, ThirdChannel actively recruits and engages individuals in each location just for your brand.

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ThirdChannel’s network-for-hire are chosen based on their personal passion for your brand, organically living and breathing your brand even before they begin representing it. 


This is where dedication meets data. In addition to collecting on-the-ground data, which is then paired with your sales data, these agents also focus on:

  • Building relationships with local store teams
  • Building brand loyalty with local store teams
  • Performing a full range of product merchandising functions
  • Training store associates
  • Engaging and selling to consumers
  • Monitoring out-of-stock and overstock situations
  • Executing in-store or other marketing events as needed

This option offers you the ability to have a comprehensive field force. Your management team also has access to relevant reports, accessible anywhere on any device, anytime.

Agents collect data driven from their observations on-the-ground, which is then merged with point-of-sales data, inventory and other data points, generating action plans to correct issues and optimize shopping environments. 

These agents focus their efforts on a range of retail initiatives:

  • Asset Tracking System
  • Visual Merchandising Status
  • Inventory Management
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Associate Knowledge Levels Assessment
  • Marketing Materials/POP Status
  • Specific Product SKUs in High Demand Status  
  • Optimized Product Positioning
  • Return on Investment Analysis