About ThirdChannel:

ThirdChannel is a retail intelligence network that enables the world’s largest manufacturing brands to find actionable opportunities that improve their sales performance at retail locations. We leverage the latest technology and a field force of tens of thousands of people to help brands virtually be everywhere, in every store in every city across the continent - and soon the globe!

Through an amazing team “on-brand” field force members (who we refer to as “agents”) ThirdChannel efficiently captures millions of data points each day about every aspect of the store environment and a consumer’s experience in stores. ThirdChannel technology assembles and presents all the data captured in gorgeous, interactive visualizations to reveal actionable insights and drive targeted recommendations and take direct corrective actions to improve the overall shopping environment.

Our Field Force Agents

In addition to helping our customer brands be more successful, ThirdChannel employees work tirelessly to deliver a platform that enables and connects local communities of people who live life authentically and have a desire to perform work for businesses and brands that fit their lifestyle. Our field agent community consists of thousands of diverse, passionate individuals who make a big difference every day across the country for each brand that we service. These work opportunities offer a multitude of professional, technical and highly sought after real world skills that help our agents advance their careers and live lives that positively impact the world around them.

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