Immediate Impact to Long-Term Success

Live Activity Feed

Continuous activity feed that captures what’s happening on the ground in stores gives you an unprecedented real-time view into any retail location where you want a presence.

Get Alerts

Real-time notifications alert you of in-store issues that need immediate attention. Customize these to your business.

Chat and Comment

Real time collaboration tools make it easy to maintain contact with the field team while they’re on-site at any of your retail locations, offer guidance and capitalize on opportunities in the moment.

Post Directives

Keep the field force informed and on-task with posting features that enable you to select who sees the message.  Support directives with images, diagrams, videos and text.

Live Reporting

Reports detailing each store visit are generated instantly as field agents post their store checkins to the system.  View and download reports on activities and results; filter by account, date, state, and more.

Track Initiatives

Track the status all the key initiatives that are underway in stores.  Drill down to see where you still have work left to do.

Monitor Product and Display Status

See what the field team needs to do NOW to make an impact: replace marketing POP, conduct marketing events, run in store education clinic, and more.

Identify Sales Opportunities

Real-time data from field agents on the ground reveals opportunities to optimize and drive higher sales.

Hyper-local Visibility

Click a button to change your view from nationwide to state or local store levels.

Compare Store Performance With Labs

Tools enable everyone from field team members to senior management to benchmark stores against top performing locations and identify opportunities to drive success.

Integrate Your Point of Sale (POS) Data

Plug in your sales data to our platform, identify success drivers across locations, and replicate what’s working. We offer comparative reporting based on sales, progress, and effectiveness across your store network.

Track Metrics for Specific Initiatives

Get customized views for your business whether you are conducting consumer selling, associate education, brand building or merchandising.

Identify Sales Drivers

Correlate top sales results with efforts happening on the ground to identify specific sales drivers in stores. Unpack all the variables to understand what really matters.

From meticulous on-site data collection to cloud-based technology, the ThirdChannel platform brings you an unprecedented level of visibility into your retail offering.

Powered by a dedicated Field Force, this technology provides you with analytics and insights that help you make a difference.

The first ever predictive retail technology

By strategically combining observational data with information from corporate sales systems, ThirdChannel is able to identify patterns and create predictive data modeling. That means identifying issues and taking action early to improve sales, close sales holes and create a stronger brand offering.