Unlock Your Field Force

A lack of tools and regular communication easily leads to a disconnect between managers and their field teams. Managing a large store footprint using spreadsheets and a never-ending stream of emails results in stores that are not in sync, a weak brand presentation and missed sales opportunities. 

For the first time, your field team can provide a continuous feedback loop from the store floor and have that feed into action plans that ensure you:


Check Optimize product positioning

Check  Engage consumers with top marketing messages

Check  Conduct powerful product demos that convert to sales

Check  Install high performing product displays

Check  Educate retail associates where knowledge is lacking

Check  Restock inventory more often when indicated

Check  Track assets and signage to comply with planograms



Release your field team’s potential to drive revenue, collect learnings and elevate unprecedented strategic data to you through a sophisticated technological offering that has a smart, user-friendly interface. Arm your field force with ThirdChannel’s powerful platform – a tool that offers high-level reporting on store activity in real-time, comparing your top performing stores within your entire network, among many other critical benefits.

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ThirdChannel’s digital environment gives your team the visibility you need in real-time.

Through a continuous feedback loop provided by on-the-ground field agents, data is collected, analyzed and reviewed. These data analytics are as laser-focused and actionable as that utilized in eCommerce. Communication via a private Activity Feed allows you to continuously coach your teams while social collaboration tools keep you connected and all on the same page – virtually 24/7. 


How it works


This option allows you to subscribe to ThirdChannel technology while using your current field force. All stakeholders, including field teams, and sales and marketing management have access to relevant reports at their fingertips.


Outfitted with the ThirdChannel platform, your field force will be empowered to collect data driven from their observations on-the-ground. This data is then merged with your POS, inventory and other data points, generating action plans to correct issues and optimize shopping environments.

Here are some of the advanced reporting modules your team will have access to once armed with ThirdChannel: 

  • Asset Tracking System
  • Visual Merchandising Status
  • Inventory Management
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Associate Knowledge Levels Assessment
  • Demos and Sampling Initiatives
  • Marketing Materials/POP Status
  • Specific Product SKUs in High Demand Status  
  • Optimized Product Positioning
  • Return on Investment Analysis