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Flawless in-store execution and real-time monitoring are essential to today’s consumer experience.

ThirdChannel is how the world’s leading brands see what’s happening – or should be happening – with products on the ground in thousands of stores and rapidly puts those insights into action, optimizing shopping environments and resolving retail execution issues to drive maximum impact.

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60% of your trade promotion spend—up to 12% of your revenue each year—has been wasted. Until now.

ThirdChannel brings real-time visibility into your in-store execution, generating store-level action plans that guide field teams to focus their efforts where it matters most to grow sales. Access a network of dedicated brand operatives, live store feeds and advanced analytics to take control of your revenue.

ThirdChannel Named 2017 "Cool Vendor" in Unified Retail Commerce by Leading Analyst Firm Gartner, Inc.

"In today’s fast speed shopping environments, brands and retailers must not only have access to real time data but also be able to use it to make decisions in real time."
- Gartner

Smart Retail gives you a platform with rich sales data analytics that's powered by a dedicated field force on the ground. While managing your brand across thousands of stores normally is an impossible, ineffective task, Smart Retail creates opportunities so you can make important, informed decisions that affect sales right now. It allows you to break the existing sales cycle and create a smarter one.

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Merchandising & Inventory
Demoing & Assisted Selling
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Legacy systems and stagnant data will hinder your brand from excelling in fast-paced shopping environments. Realize your vision to deliver a consistent brand presence across scores of retailers and thousands of locations. Ensure all products are optimally merchandised on the shelf and ensure all product backstock is moved quickly to the sales floor. ThirdChannel technology captures data about every aspect of your products’ representation and exposes opportunities for improvement.  

ThirdChannel research shows that you have approximately 30 seconds in store to capture consumers’ attention and engage them. In order to drive trials and conversions instantly, ThirdChannel’s robust data pinpoints sales drivers, further tailoring the demo in terms of event placement, timing and more.  ThirdChannel matches exclusively dedicated Demo Reps who personify your brand and bring your products to life for consumers.



Keeping track of store fixtures and marketing displays often degenerate into poorly versioned spreadsheets and information overload. ThirdChannel’s Asset Tracking platform streamlines this, allowing you to directly and accurately monitor and maintain the presence, status, and appearance of on-location fixtures, POP and other assets across thousands of locations.

Insight into what your competition is doing in stores drives your ability to gain market advantage. Survey and audit store environments to assess competitive dynamics at play in stores. ThirdChannel compounds this by integrating external data sources to calculate current market share and determining market potential against your competition.

You rely on, and assume that, retail associates are knowledgeable about your products. With turnover rates so high on store floors and the need for constant, high-quality consumer engagement, associate training should never cease. ThirdChannel technology enables brand penetration by educating store associates on the most granular levels of your product line, strengthening brand awareness so they can sell more effectively to consumers.

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