Brands need people. People 
need technology.

ThirdChannel provides both.

ThirdChannel was created with a simple idea in mind — brands and people are symbiotic. People attach their identity to brands; they become everything the brand promotes. 

We believe there is a dedicated, passionate group of people who represent everything your brand stands for — lifestyle, value, ethics. At ThirdChannel, we find champions of your brand who also excel at retail, and match them to your brand based on the life they love living.

We understand that modern customers crave convenience, both in-store and online. We match dedicated reps to your brand who are also seasoned and experienced merchandisers. That's why we've created an omnichannel solution that delivers the seamless shopping experience your customers want, plus the insights your business needs to stay competitive.


What drives us?


Our brand reps are real people driven by the things they love most. From adrenaline junkies who spend their weekends jumping off mountains to technology experts who are already one step ahead of tomorrow’s invention, our people are here to do exceptional work in fields that make their hearts happy. 


Not only do our people genuinely care about the brands they represent, they also have years of experience selling and influencing products in retail and online environments. What does this mean for you? You get to rest easy knowing your retail execution is being handled by true experts in the field.


We know that the current way is not always the best way. This mindset requires us to stay ahead of retail trends, push the boundaries of traditional retail execution, and consistently update our technology to deliver a truly unique experience for our brands and our people with complete transparency, truthfulness, and integrity.


To our brands, to our teammates, and to our success. If our brands are not empowered or successful, neither are we. From providing real-time access to sales data at every location to making interactivity between managers and brand reps as simple as possible, we’re here to see you flourish.


Diverse brands deserve a diverse group of people to represent them. We recognize and celebrate our differences as a team so we are better able to create meaningful relationships with a diverse population of buyers. This is the inclusive community we’re building throughout the retail environment.

A Good Time

Since our people love the brands they work for, it’s more than just a job to them. There’s nothing more authentic and fun than when every sale can be influenced by, managed, and inspired by people who naturally live out your brand’s mission, vision, and culture without even trying – that’s ThirdChannel.

ThirdChannel is a proud part of the Stagefund portfolio of companies.  More info about Stage can be found here.