Our Mission

ThirdChannel was created with a simple idea in mind — brands and people are codependent. A brand without its target group of consumers has nobody to strike an emotional bond with, and thus, nobody to sell to. At the same time, people attach their identity to brands; they become everything the brand promotes.

We believe there is a dedicated, passionate group of people who represent everything your brand stands for — lifestyle, value, ethics. These people are living with and relying on your brand every single day.

Doesn’t it make sense for them to represent you in the world of retail? At ThirdChannel, we find these people and match them to your brand based on the life they love living. 

With the right people in place, we equip them with the technology they need to thrive in the retail execution world, both in-store and online. At our core, we believe that businesses outperform the competition when they are data-driven. In turn, their people can make guided decisions that lead to measurable results. 

Brands need people. People need technology. ThirdChannel provides both.

2022 Cheat Sheet
The 2022 Cheatsheet to Unified Commerce

Between an unexpected near-complete shift to e-commerce shopping and the continuous advancements made in retail technology and data gathering, brands have never had more opportunities to create an unbeatable shopping experience for their customers. Download this guide now to learn our secret!

What Drives Our Mission?


Our brand reps are real people driven by the things they love most. They are here to do exceptional work in fields that make their hearts happy.


Because they care so much about what they do and usually have several years selling and influencing products in retail, our brand reps deliver. You can rest easy knowing all the work is being done through our live activity feeds, geolocation, and real-time store/site level data where you can reach out and directly interact with the team.


Since our teams love the brands they work for, it is more than just a job to them.  There is nothing more authentic and fun when every products sale can be influenced by managed and inspired by people who directly integrate their favorite brands into real life.


We know that the current way is not always the best way. Our forward-thinking mindset allows us to focus on technological updates to deliver a truly unique experience for our brands and our people.


To our brands, to our teammates, and to our success. If our brands are not empowered or successful, neither are we.


Diverse brands deserve a diverse group of brand reps.

How We Empower Your Brand



It's time to keep your team accountable, utilizing; timestamp verified images and videos, geo-fenced app use restrictions, real-time in-app rep communication, configured urgent issue alerts, and much more.


Be aware of what is happening with your brand, at all times. Real-time in-store insights through millions of data points aggregated into simple dashboards for both quick overview or deep-dive analytics.

Optimization & Efficiency

Optimize your current operations. Unified commerce solutions between in-store and e-commerce retail improve overall efficiency and elevate your sales success.

Knowledge & Expertise

In-store and online highly vetted, brand-matched retail experts who educate and advocate based on actual product and brand knowledge.

ThirdChannel is a proud part of the Stagefund portfolio of companies.  More info about Stage can be found here.