Transforming retail strategy.

Unrivaled technology solutions at 
your fingertips.


Comprehensive Tools
to Manage Your
Brand’s Field Force -
Anywhere, Any time

Manage and maintain insight into your people and operations from a single, organized dashboard. Our suite of intuitive retail solutions allows you to have real-time visibility into each of your stores anywhere in the world no matter what time it is.

Visualize. Adapt. Succeed.

Control what’s happening on the ground without traveling by air. With our streamlined tech, you can optimize various teams across multiple retailers all from one location.

  • Full visibility into each of the stores that carry your product allows you to drive strategy from the comfort of your desk.

  • Manage any potential roadblocks proactively so you can turn insights into action plans.

  • Utilize POS data to track your product and field team’s performance.

  • Streamline communication and collaboration with your field team by using an array of advantageous tools.

  • Reporting dashboards allow you to see how your product is moving on the store floor.

Reporting & Analytics

Retail Data at Your Fingertips

ThirdChannel offers an assortment of reporting and analytics solutions that will inform and equip you with the real-time, historic, and predictive data you need to develop and execute successful plans.

Our proprietary technology stack includes Core Store Reporting, Advanced Sales Reporting, Retail Presence Optimizer, and Store Selection Service.

6. Competitive Intel & Analysis
7. Visual Product Sharing
Management Technology

Oversee, Optimize & Direct Your Team From Anywhere

Already have a field team and just want the software? ThirdChannel is the only in-store and e-commerce solution that offers technology that enables you to monitor, manage, optimize, and merchandise your people and operations from a single dashboard.

Our intuitive retail solutions are specifically designed to provide you with real-time visibility into all of your stores at once, from anywhere.

Extensive Technology Solutions to Exceed All Your Brand’s Retail Management & Execution Needs.

Our suite of intuitive retail solutions allows you to have real-time visibility into the performance of your brand both in-store or online so you can oversee, optimize, and direct your team. Ready to learn more?