Our Story

Reinventing, reimagining and reintroducing retail.

As we built ThirdChannel, brands and retailers were under significant pressure to respond to the “Consumerization of Retail.” Today, people have endless access to information online that requires a new kind of in-store experience. Years ago, shoppers could speak directly to makers of the brands they love, but given the size and complexity of retail today, it’s impossible for retailers and brands to hear what each of their millions of consumers needs. That personal, human interaction needs the massive processing power of today’s technology to deliver a winning in-store experience. 

With ThirdChannel, mass-consumer brands and retailers can shape the shopping experience for their consumers as easily as they can configure their eCommerce storefronts. By leveraging powerful, cloud-based technology with people in every local community to read the physical shopping environment in vibrant color and context, ThirdChannel decodes and reveals what matters to consumers and then translate those messages into shopping environments that consumers will love. Welcome to the future of retail.