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Welcome to ThirdChannel!
We operate under the belief that every brand has a set group of people living their brand values, ethics, and lifestyle every single day — these are the people who should represent them in ecommerce retail environments. 

At ThirdChannel, we believe in the power of REAL connections between REAL people to elevate the online shopping experience. No bots. Just real people sharing their passion and experience. Are you ready to work with products and brands you already know and love?

What Will I Do?

  • Help customers find the perfect products
  • Spread your passion to new shoppers
  • Stay up-to-date on brands you're passionate about
  • Meet and build a community of like-minded people

Where Will I Work?

  • Interact with shoppers remotely from anywhere you can connect to the internet
  • All you need is a desktop or laptop computer and reliable internet

How do I apply?

  • Are you at least 18 years old?
  • Are you passionate about the brands you want to represent?
  • Do you have a desktop or laptop with reliable internet?
  • Are you able to type at least 35 WPM?

If you answered yes to all these questions, click one of the brands listed below for opportunities

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I've been at it a LONG time and have customers who regularly come back looking for my insight. And, along the way I've made some money and earned a TON of products too.
Ben P.
Brand Rep
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I am able to chat about a sport and company I love. ThirdChannel is always working hard to listen and accommodate the needs of its Advocates in conjunction with the brand.
Jason L.
Brand Rep
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Our answers for customers can impact what they decide on and this gives me a lot of confidence in what I know. If a customer is satisfied with my answer it shows I know what I am talking about and gives me encouragement to go the extra mile.

Phuong H.
Brand Rep

Featured Brands

We are actively seeking part-time Brand Reps for the following brands–click your favorite below to see open positions!