Bring your brand to life on the front lines.

With powerful cloud-based technology at their fingertips, ThirdChannel’s matched network of 130,000+ meticulously vetted, brand-right agents grow consumer engagement and drive sell-through.

Matched on expertise, brand fit, and passion, your dedicated agents merchandise, engage consumers, coach store associates—and so much more—while our innovative technology collects and analyzes real-time data, revealing opportunities to optimize store environments.

Field Force Agent Overview

A dedicated team of brand operatives on the ground coupled with ThirdChannel technology in stores where your products are sold provides distinct advantages:

Direct visibility into what's happening on-site

Optimized sales and marketing presence in store

Instant store reporting on inventory, displays and more

ThirdChannel offers distinct field force options to accommodate your brand or retail needs when it comes to next-generation retail execution tools:

Unlock Your Field Force with ThirdChannel

Have your own field force but want the benefits of ThirdChannel technology to guide your teams?

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Tap Into ThirdChannel’s Network-for-Hire

Strengthen your team in store by tapping into an on-demand network-for-hire of 130,000+ individuals who compete to exclusively represent your brand and product categories based on their knowledge, passion and experience.

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Hybrid of Both

You want a combination of both – ThirdChannel has you covered, allowing you the flexibility to customize store sell-through efforts that adapt to your rapidly changing business needs.

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