Convert More Browsers Into Buyers

The Brand Advocate Live Chat Solution Your Buyers Need

What’s the fastest way to increase e-commerce revenue? Providing authentic online experiences that make the digital shopping experience as personable as possible.

Our chat agents are your brand's best advocates — the biggest fans of and experts on your brand who influence browsers to become buyers. Put shoppers on the best path to purchase by letting the people who love your brand guide the way.

How We Make It Happen:

Brand-Specific Advocates

Our people are our biggest differentiator. By matching brands with brand-specific advocates, we help companies achieve a 10x increase in conversion rate, improve customer trust, and drive revenue. We handle brand rep authentication, scheduling, training, payments, incentives, and more to make your customer service as intuitive as possible.
Brand Specific Advocates
Managed Live Chat

Managed Live Chat

ThirdChannel managed live chat gives your shoppers an unmatched live chat experience. When you match people who are passionate about your brand to potential buyers, the online shopping experience improves tenfold. Our live chat solutions build real relationships with buyers to turn them into lifetime customers.
Your Optimized Chat Solution. Anywhere, Anytime.
Support your eCommerce efforts with the best brand advocates and top technology, allowing your brand to consistently put shoppers on the best path to purchase.

Optimized Chat Routing

Our optimized chat routing takes our live chat experience to the next level by identifying where a customer is in the buyer’s journey and successfully segmenting visitors based on their intent to purchase. This allows us to create a proactive sales approach nested in customer experience by notifying the right brand reps during traffic spikes and deploying resources that will help the right person convert.
Optimized Chat Routing
Actionable Reports & Analytics

Actionable Reports & Analytics

Determine which brand advocates are the most effective by tracking brand advocate activity, revenue targets, customer satisfaction, and more. With this data, you can identify and create training opportunities to get the best out of your reps. What’s more, you can increase efficiency by sharing any customer data directly with your CRM platform.

Create a Consistent, Personalized Online Experience. Every time.

Deliver an authentic live chat experience managed by advocates already living your brand’s lifestyle

Branded Experience Development

Branded Experience Development

No two brands are the same, so why should your online customer service be copy-pasted from a template? We help you configure our solutions to your specific branding requirements, run A/B testing on various designs, and more to deliver a customer service experience that is unique to your brand.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

Built with the modern shopper in mind, our chat solutions are mobile-friendly and include responsive page designs and a simple interface that optimize the mobile shopping experience.
Mobile Friendly Experience
Your Solution for Every Instance of eCommerce Management and Execution.

ThirdChannel provides the people and technology to help your brand level up. Explore how you can take control of your brand's representation like never before. Ready to see our solutions in action?

Visual Product Sharing

Visual Product Sharing

E-commerce shoppers don’t want to be told what to buy; they want to see it for themselves, understand the product’s benefits, and make an educated decision. Our visual product sharing tool gives brand reps the ability to leverage product images that link directly to the product page, giving shoppers a better look at the products they recommend.

Platform Integrations

Our platform is built with APIs to accommodate integration with many popular platforms. These include many web analytics, CRM, and eCommerce providers such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Adobe.
Platform Integrations

Convert More Browsers Into Buyers

ThirdChannel offers distinct technology options to accommodate your brand's eCommerce needs when it comes to next-generation online execution tools.

Our suite of intuitive online solutions are specifically designed to provide you with everything your eCommerce business needs to result in happy customers and more sales.

  • Managed Live Chat

  • Mobile-Friendly Experience

  • Visual Product Sharing

  • Brand-Specific Advocates

  • Brand Advocate Tools

  • Collaboration & Incentivization

  • Reports & Analytics

  • Platform Integrations

Win eCommerce. Optimize Online Shopping.

Our suite of eCommerce solutions are customized specifically to fit the needs of your brand. When it comes to next-generation eCommerce management and execution tools, don't settle for anything but the best. Interested to learn more?