Brand Reps + tech to empower, inform and oversee them = genius.

ThirdChannel offers distinct field force options to accommodate your brand or retail needs when it comes to next-generation retail execution tools.

Access 150,000+ sets of hands to activate your brand.

Gain instant access to our nationwide network of 150,000K+ Brand Reps who are all enormously passionate, dedicated, talented, engaged, vetted—and exclusive to your brand. Once matched, our Brand Reps become your own, and help you bring your brand and products to life in a way that captivates and educates customers and sales associates—thus accelerating sales.

Launch A Field Force

Manage your own team from anywhere. Make it look easy.

Field Team Manager PRO™, is a revolutionary secret weapon that simultaneously activates your account managers and field reps—strategically guiding them to detect, squeeze out and deliver every possible dollar out of every single store all your products are sold in all around the world. If it can be optimized, maximized or merchandised, FTM PRO will let you know.

Power Your Field Force