Own Your Role in Retail Transformation

It’s a new age in retail and consumers are at the helm of this transformation, jumping from one purchase channel to the next as they shop. In the U.S., 77% of Gen Z shoppers call brick-and-mortar merchants their preferred buying channel, and they’re demanding a seamless unified shopping experience. Retail execution is at the heart of delivering that experience.

Retail execution is at the heart of delivering that experience. According to Gartner’s report, Cool Vendors in Transforming Multichannel to Unified Retail Commerce, 2017:

“Unified commerce also raises the standards on execution. Customers are growing intolerant of disparate processes between channels, and those failures have become even more magnified.”

Become proactive and responsive to your customers as personally as they expect by gaining visibility into what’s happening – or should be happening – on the ground with your brand in thousands of stores nationwide.


Digitize Your Physical Store Networks

Technology drives real-time insights – from tracking our health to our personal finances – and now ThirdChannel technology delivers a real-time view into your entire store footprint, streamlining what used to be endless manual processes into a real-time digital decision environment, with all of the information you need to make decisions at your fingertips



The Platform

Using a platform that is just as efficient to manage and as data-centric as your e-commerce platform, ThirdChannel enables you to be everywhere at once, gaining full visibility into physical stores, identifying sales drivers and recommending opportunities to improve retail execution. 

Empower your field teams on the ground in stores, or leverage ThirdChannel’s force of brand-immersed field agents, and guide in-store activities with real-time information about all relevant aspects of the store environment that matter for your business:

Merchandising & Inventory Management

Gain insights and take action to correct and improve merchandising while also monitoring inventory across thousands of stores

Demoing, Sampling & Assisted Selling

Engage and convert new customers for your products while also providing sales support to retail associates

Asset Tracking

Track and monitor fixtures and POP across scores of retailers at thousands of locations

Competitive Intel and Market Opportunity Sizing

Survey and audit store environments to assess competitive dynamics in-store

Retail Associate Education

Strengthen brand loyalty through associate education on the most granular levels of your product line