ThirdChannel Core Store Reporting™

Your ThirdChannel dashboards present a simple, real-time summary of actionable insights that can impact or influence sales. Check out how easy it is for your field team can hone in on what matters most.


ThirdChannel Advanced Sales Reporting™

ThirdChannel Advanced Sales Reporting, which takes your ThirdChannel Store Reporting to the next stratosphere. Discover how it serves up intel on which in-store efforts and issues can be improved—along with store-specific action plans for your field teams that boost sales even further.


ThirdChannel Retail Presence Optimizer™

Ever wonder, “what’s my product’s true sales potential at the Raleigh, North Carolina Costco?” Of course you have. Who hasn’t? Check out ThirdChannel Retail Presence Optimizer —a revolutionary retail execution system that answers questions you never imagined you’d get instant access to.

Store Select

ThirdChannel Store Selection Service™

Instead of having retail partners dictate the how, where, when and why of your brand’s future, discover how you can come armed with data-backed intel that’ll make you a smarter partner and put you back in control of your future success in their stores.