100% reliable, 360°, 24/7 retail management.

We offer services + solutions for every type of retail execution. Discover how our [people + tech] help you manage it all.

Field Merchandising & Inventory

Your brand merchandised flawlessly across the board. All the time.

Welcome to the not-so-distant future of merchandising. For the first time ever, ThirdChannel technology gives you real-time visibility into all of your stores at once. Combine that with data captured by your field teams—along with other relevant data sources—and you’ll discover optimization opportunities per store in a whole new way. That once impossible vision you’ve always had for a consistent brand presence across a multitude of store locations is now possible.

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Store Associate Training

Empower each store’s greatest asset–its people–through store training.

Today’s shoppers demand a great in-store experience. In fact, 78% of shoppers rank sales associate product knowledge as their #1 top desire when shopping in stores. 60% of millennials and Gen Z say that interacting with knowledgeable sales staff can solidify their purchasing decisions. Training programs to enhance associate education are a must for every store and every brand selling their products in those stores. That’s because, as you know, sales associates are the front line and the face of retail. They have the power to make or break the sale with potential customers.

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Demos, Sampling & Assisted Selling

Sample this. You’ll absolutely love it.

When demos are hosted by dedicated, immersed Brand Reps, customers can truly experience your brand. ThirdChannel technology guides the logistics and product assortments that will drive the highest conversions. The loop gets closed with streamlined analytics that grade performance down to the store level in real time.

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Competitive Intel

Don’t peek in on the competition. Crush them.

Our competitive intel reveals how competing brands share the shelf with your brand, along with all the other products in your category. Also, while monitoring your physical store footprint on a macro level, you can also get a deeper understanding of how stores compare against each other at a micro level. From capturing data from inventory tracking to customer interactions—our market opportunity sizing feature lets you use analytics from your top performing stores to help inform adjustments for lower performing stores.

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