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Monitoring, managing and optimizing in-store product demo and sampling efforts to drive higher sales just got a lot easier. With our tech, combined with our Brand Reps, you can seamlessly and successfully oversee and influence countless in-store events in real-time from anywhere. Then, the loop gets closed with streamlined and intuitive analytics and reports that grade performance down to the store level.


70% of consumers buy more if they try a product.

Physical stores offer a unique advantage that is — at least for now— missing online: human-led personal service. With a demo or sample hosted by enthusiastic, brand-dedicated ambassadors, customers can truly experience your brand in the most authentic way possible. Well managed and executed demo and sampling events lead to higher sales. With our technology, you can arrange flawless demoing or sampling events in stores and you can even pick which Brand Ambassadors you’d like to execute the event. Only ThirdChannel Demos & Sampling tech lets you easily:

  • Schedule events
  • Request Brand Reps 
  • Arrange in-store advance event approvals
  • Manage personnel
  • Access live feed communications from the ground
  • View photos of events
  • Access live status reporting
  • Access conversion KPI reporting
  • Access post-event aggregated KPI reporting
  • Access integrated sales data KPI reporting
Demos, Sampling & Assisted Selling







Assisted selling: From shopper to customer in 30 seconds or less.

Picture demos on steroids for a minute. Picture your matched Brand Reps working in stores to engage, educate and excite shoppers—selling your products without being a salesperson. Consumer packaged goods brand? Product sampling translates into new customers—you have a chance to convert them on the spot. Electronics or sporting goods brand? Technical, on-site demos showcase your differentiators, illustrating what sets your products apart from competitors. If done properly, getting your product in the hands, or mouths, of shoppers is 90% of the sale.

Our Brand Reps are matched to your brand because they already use and love your products or are influencers in that space. They go through extensive training to become brand and product experts. They bring your brand to life for consumers and create a true brand experience in the store. They know when, where and how exactly to set up the most impactful event possible. All it takes is an introduction, a taste, a try—and anyone unaware of your product could quickly go from shopper to customer to brand evangelist.

Brand Reps have quotas and sales targets they're working to achieve. As they’re interacting, they're gathering intel: what are customers responding to most about the product? If they don't buy, what was the barrier? The kinds of in-depth data getting collected and reported on allows you optimize, readjust or amp up resources accordingly to capitalize on opportunities. After bit of time, ThirdChannel technology surfaces the best days and times to be in stores for assisted selling and in-store demos to drive biggest impact.

Assisted selling

We didn’t know how our new [running shoe] line was going to do, but we knew we had support from ThirdChannel Brand Reps. By the end of 2017 it was one of [our retailer’s] biggest-selling models for the year. Some weeks it passed 20% sell-through. One week it hit 27%.

Tech Field & Operations Supervisor
Leading Sports Footwear and Apparel Brand

A store manager asked if we had recently changed demonstration providers and I explained that we had. He only had wonderful things to say about his new ThirdChannel Brand Rep and that the knowledge, attitude, and confidence is a world of change from the previous person.

Field Training Manager, OXO
Award-Winning Cooking Tools & Housewares Brand